Venue: The Grand Prospect Hall

Almost as soon as Alison accepted Scott's proposal, we knew where we wanted to celebrate.  At the southern end of our neighborhood in Brooklyn is The Grand Prospect Hall, a stately and ornate function hall dating back to the 1890s.  Scott says that when he's thought about his wedding, he's pictured "pastoral or classy".  Pastoral is hard to come by in Brooklyn, where we've started our life together and want to celebrate our union, but the Grand Prospect Hall has had classy built into every room.

The Grand Prospect

The Grand Prospect is one neighborhood south of where we live, in Windsor Terrace.  Specifically, you can find it at:

(718) 788-0777

Driving directions to the Grand Prospect are on their site.

Travel to and around New York

If you are flying into New York, you're going to come into JFK, Laguardia, or Newark.

For each, you can get into the city or into Brooklyn via public transit, but if you have a lot of bags, cab will be significantly easier.  JFK and Laguardia both have set fares for going to Manhattan.  For Brooklyn, the fares aren't set, but for our area (Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, or Downtown Brooklyn) the fare is usually around $35 from JFK.  We haven't tried it from Laguardia yet.

The Grand Prospect is on the R subway line, nearest the Prospect Ave stop.  If you're coming out from Manhattan on the R line, when you get out of the station, you will want to cross 4th Avenue and head up-slope toward the Grand Prospect. has an excellent map that shows the subway lines on an actual map of New York, and we recommend using it to find your way around New York.  We've highlighted The Grand Prospect on it here.