We haven't been able to reserve block pricing at any of these hotels, so we encourage you to place your reservation as soon as you can to get the best price.

Brooklyn Marriott

We're recommending the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge as being the closest sizable (fancy) hotel.  It's close to the subway, not too long a taxi ride from the Grand Prospect, and in downtown Brooklyn.

Millennium Hilton

The Millennium Hilton is in Manhattan, overlooking Ground Zero.  It's on the R train, though, and sometimes has better rates than the Marriott.  We'll be offering directions from here, as well.

Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn

The Holiday Inn Express is just up the street from us, near to a subway stop on the R line, and a two-direction drive from the Grand Prospect.

Days Inn Brooklyn

The Days Inn is on the R train past the Grand Prospect, but it's a quick trip by car or subway.