Tokyo Subway Guide
written by Scott

De Mente, Boye Lafayette. Tokyo Subway Guide. Japan: Kodansha International, 2002.

(Amazon, Publisher)

This guide is about half-finished. It has schematic-style diagrams of each subway line and of the system as a whole, and that's moderately useful. We got it because it also has maps of many of the subway stations and the city streets around them. Once we really dug into it to use it, though, we discovered that:

  • it has no page numbers on the maps (90% of the pages)
  • the maps are in alphabetical order
  • when more than one station is on a map, the map for the other station is not shown... and is listed in the index with the (undisplayed) page number
  • it doesn't have the commuter rail stations listed except in a system map where they're uselessly small

So really it was only useful if you knew ahead of time where you were going, had looked it up already (if it was there), and wanted to know which exit to use out of the station.

Or, as Ali points out, if you were going to major tourist destinations, as those were the 59 stations that were more likely to be mapped.

Two or three more revisions and it might be more useful than the city street maps on the walls of every subway station.

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