Old Kyoto
written by Scott

(Amazon, Publisher)

Old Kyoto was more interesting as reading than as a guide for a few reasons. That said, we're glad that we got it because it added a lot of flavor to our stay in Kyoto.

The book highlights businesses --shops and even craftsmen-- that represent old Kyoto. Many of the businesses have been around for over a hundred years and represent the peak of historical crafts and services. The section for each business gives directions and practicalities for visiting along with a thorough and interesting discussion of the history of that craft and of that business.

It was neat as a source of flavor and anecdotes, like the [Traveler's Guide]. But it stumbled as a guide for us. It's a bit old, so some of the businesses weren't there anymore, had moved, or were under different management and had changed. While there was a map showing the locations, many of the businesses were spread out across Kyoto, so to really visit many of the listings you'd need to be hopping buses right and left and watching the business hours carefully.

It was neat reading, and might be a wonderful resource for someone writing about or living in Kyoto.

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