Japan: True Stories of Life on the Road
written by Scott

George, Donald W. and Amy Greimann Carlson, Eds. Japan: True Stories of Life on the Road. San Francisco, USA: Travelers' Tales, Inc.: 1999. (Amazon, Publisher's Site)

This is an amazingly cool book, and good pleasure reading. If you can read it before you go and then leave it behind, that might be best: it's bulky and best read with time. It's a collection of stories by travelers, from Dave Barry, Jeff Greenwald, Marianne Dresser, and others. They're well written, personal, humorous, and insightful, in turns. They give much of the cultural context that travel guides have to leave out or can only synopsize in detached terms. They're great for explaining all those things that confuse or amuse on the trip. However, I didn't read it on the trip because I was too busy looking out the window, figuring out where to go next, and determining the most efficient set of gestures to express my next question.

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