Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo
written by Scott

(Amazon, Publisher)

This is, at first glance, the ultimate guide to geek shopping in Tokyo. It has lengthy descriptions of major trends in and sub-genres of the city's otaku culture, interviews with important names in otaku circles, guides to the stores and districts that cater to such tastes, and helpful maps of relevant neighborhoods.

However, as it turned out, much of the carefully-assembled data was out-of-date by the time I picked up my own copy of "Anime City." While the more general information was still very interesting, the maps were almost completely useless. Which isn't the fault of the book, really, as one can't control the evolution of a neighborhood beyond publication, but I wish I'd had a better sense of that beforehand. I regret not having spent more time finding current sources and tracking down locals with advice.

If you're not counting on it as a flawless shopping bible, you'll be just fine. It's a fun read, and packed with trivia and anecdotes that makes it worth a look even if you have no plans to visit Tokyo yourself.

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