Initial itinerary
written by Scott


I've transcribed everything definite about our trip and a few things that aren't definite, with websites listed where possible. Things with question marks are flexible-- might move them a day, haven't heard back on the reservation, etc. I wouldn't trust the train bookings much, as we recorded all these and then realized that half of them are on the super-express trains which our Japan Rail passes don't cover. Fortunately, we got a full system timetable today from the JNTO office so that we can fix those plans.

Yeah. That's all there is for now. _


Dec. 29 Wed.

JFK Terminal 4 11:45 AM Flight 17 Northwest Airlines

Dec. 30 Thurs. - Narita

TYO Terminal 1 3:50 PM Northwest Airlines

try to call home

Night: Ohgiya

Dec. 31 Fri. - Narita -> Kyoto

Train 4018F (JR Narita Line rapid) 10:13 -> Sakura (Chiba) 10:25

Train 1006M (Limited Express Shosai 6) at 10:43 -> TOKYO at 11:23

Train 9219A (Shinkansen Nozomi 219) at 11:46 at platform 15 -> KYOTO at 2:04 at platform 13 (change to non-nozomi)

Checkin, New Years Festivities

Night: Crossroads

Jan 1. Sat. - Kyoto

First Temple visit


Night: Crossroads

Jan 2. Sun - Kyoto, Nara?


Night: Murakamiya

Jan 3. Mon - Kyoto, Himeji?


Night: Murakamiya

Jan 4. Tue - Kyoto

Night: Murakamiya

Jan 5 Wed - Kyoto -> Nagano

Kyoto station, train 42A (Shinkansen Nozomi 42) at 8:09 on platform 11 -> Nagoya at 8:45 on platform 14. (change to non-nozomi)

Train number 1005M (Limited express [wideview] shinano 5) at platform 10-> Nagano at 11:44 at platform 6.

Direct bus from Nagano to Nozawa-onsen leaves at 1:40, arrives at 2:55

Night: Nozawa Onsen

Jan 6 Thu - Nagano


Night: Nozawa Onsen

Jan 7 Fri - Nagano -> Tokyo

Direct bus from Nozawa-onsen to Nagano, leaves at 10:50 and arrives at 12:10.

Train 8546E (Shinkansen Asama 546) leaves Nagano at 12:48 from platform 14 -> Tokyo at 2:36 at platform 20.

Night: Taito Ryokan

Jan 8 Sat - Tokyo

Ghibli museum (journal)


Night: Taito Ryokan

Jan 9 Sun - Tokyo


Night: Taito Ryokan

Jan 10 Mon - Tokyo



Night: shigetsu

Jan 11 Tue - Tokyo


Night: shigetsu

Jan 12 Wed - Home

TYO Terminal 1? 3:30 PM Flight 18 Northwest Airlines

JFK Terminal 4 1:55 PM Flight 18 Northwest Airlines


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