written by Scott

We're off to Japan. The flight-status movie screen is showing 11 hours exactly to Narita airport, and if Japan's reputation is to be believed, that's to the minute.

We're well-planned, possibly better-planned than I've been for any of my other trips. All our accommodations are booked, we have an itinerary that's more thorough than "city-city-flight", and Alison has reserved several hard-to-get events (like the Ghibli Museum) in advance.

We got up this morning just fine. We packed everything except the second camera (which we forgot at Ali's Mom's place). We got to the airport with enough time for me to call work, call my grandmother, leave a message for AGV. Here we are.

The plane has flown up over Canada, and the skies have been clear. I've seen rows of lakes that look glacier-carved, and some puzzling patterns around rivers that made it look like the land rose to meet rivers on ridges-- my best guess is that the land is marshy and the 'ridges' are just trees and brush growing in a gradient up to the water. We're now over the Hudson Bay and I've been watching cracks in the ice and places where animals have punched holes. The computer says it's 4 PM, so we're about a quarter of the way through the trip, but not yet time to sleep. I'm off to the guidebooks, then.

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