Day 11 - Asakusa
written by Scott

more note form!

headed toward temple again, looking at shops

ran gauntlet of souvenir stores, scott got sick of crowds. got some of shopping done. gaeta, kimono, pottery. nice men's jacket, but for $80.

monkey! on stilts!

matsuri store, bought tabi shoes, I might still get them. they're awesome. tempura and home again. enough stuff for me to begin to be concerned about luggage space. dropped off photos, picked them up.

off to ginza with nebulous goals-- Apple store and kimono store? plus dept. stores if possible. missed Apple store by not turning heads, couldn't find kimono store under the train tracks. stopped in starbucks and caught wireless, but probably not from the starbucks, as the signal bit the proverbial crank. enough signal to look up Apple Store, went. photos and email, esp. for Moony.

Stationery store. Matsuya Ginza for kimono, everything we've been seeing, but for 10 times the price. toys fun-- train sets with kannon, fancy desserts, $500 grade-schooler's backpack (nice design, though, and real leather).

Shinjuku for video games. fighter games (aside about competitive games), still no pachinko. amazing space shooter guy, ended with guilty gear and some success. caught last train again. need to be up in 8 hours to check out. -_-

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