Day 10 - A Day of Ghibli
written by Scott

Ah, note-form, fallback of lazy journallers everywhere.

up late, I started panicking (classically)

caught Chûo line from Kanda, went right to Mitaka, wandered and found Ghibli bus (painted special!)

no question of right stop. distinctive building (aside about architect hundertwasser). museum as exhibit. getting lost together theme.

every part fun. museum awesome. Howl everywhere. special exhibit hall on castle. huge awesome pixar exhibit. photo scrapbooks for reference on films (and notes). design notebooks awesome. impressively deep insight into animation production process for a museum with its target audience so young/non-professional. permanent exhibit on basics of animation with spinning tree diorama. perm. exhibit of artists studios on ghibli work with rooms covered in sketches. model camera. staircases everywhere.

garden on roof. laputa robot. fancy cafe... and ice cream-and-hot dog stand/window. bookstore *and* merchandise store. including much merchandise for the store. bookstore-- in addition to ghibli and pixar-specific books, huge library of children's lit in several languages, generally also in japanese. got art books, books about museum. aside about Ali-style exploration, seeing place then reading in more detail vs. scott-style, reading during. ali-style really worked in Ghibli.

back to ryokan, dropped stuff. determined to have ghibliful day, ali went for english-language newspapers to find theatres and showtimes while scott [worked on journal]. Failed, looked things up on web and with ryokan staff. Found theatre in shinjuku, which we'd wanted an excuse to visit anyway. aside about how movies work in japan. just caught show, got near-perfect seats. enjoyed movie.

understood more than expected because of having read the book, but many things will still be new in dub/subtitle, and will be excited to find out (follow for spoiler-laden musings and curiosities).

Home on last train.

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