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My parents gave me the travelling bug.  When I lived with them we travelled every summer; since living on my own I've tried to take a real trip every year or two.
These are my featured trips, for which I have pictures or journals.  Older trips are archived and unlinked.  Click the titles to see the photos.

England - 2006

Our trip to London, Rye, Bath, and Greenwich in September of 2006. Photos aren't up yet.

Japan - 2004/5

Japan - 2004/5

Arizona - 2004

Arizona - 2004

I went to Arizona with Alison in August, 2004.  We spent 10 days on the road between Phoenix, AZ and Zion National Park, UT.  August isn't the coolest time to visit AZ in any sense of the word, but we had a good time visiting family and friends, camping, and creeking.

China - 2003

China - 2003

These are some of the pictures that I took in Shanghai and Guilin, China in May, 2003. You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

My trip started with my flight from Tokyo to Shanghai. There I met up with my friend Xanthi and spent four days in Shanghai. We took a lot of pictures that we couldn't get off the camera card, and then started using another card for the pictures below on the fourth day.

We spent the morning and early afternoon in the Yu-Yuan Garden and walking around various neighborhoods in Shanghai. The next day we spent the day in the airport and flying to Guilin (in the southern end of the map). Guilin is strange and beautiful-- a city on a pooltable-flat plain between peaks that rise almost vertically for a hundred feet or more, covered in trees. We took a four-hour boat tour the next day down the Li River ("Li Jiang") amidst the most spectacular scenery in the area. The following morning our flight was delayed and combined with several other flights since so few people were travelling, so we had an extra day to wander the city, see another park, and try some new candies before heading back to Shanghai.

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