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Evidence from the Web

Fellow Netizens have logged and submitted evidence of their own, and the highlights are here.  The 2007 revival of this site included the deletion of a lot of dead links.  This is what survived... send us more!

Sluggy Freelance

One of my favorite webcomics and one of the most long-running dailies on the web, Sluggy features Bun-bun the nasty mini-lop. Protagonist Torg dares to keep a true switchblade-toting Bunny as a pet.  Over the course of the comic, Bun-Bun is responsible for a slavery ring, abuse of many people, and the death of several holidays.


Appleshare Icon

From "Apple Easter Eggs 1.4", compiled by Daniel Fanton, published 4/12/1996:  If you have ever used Filesharing on your Mac there should be an invisible icon on your desktop that looks like a rabbit with fangs and shades. That icon's is named (sic) "Killer Rabbit" after the blood-sucking character from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To see it, simply open your hard drive with ResEdit and in the first window there should be something called AppleShare PDS (Parallel Data Structure). Open that and go to the ICON resource.


Jazz Jackrabbit

From hype for the PC game Jazz Jackrabbit:  "Fasten your seatbelt for the ride of your life: Jazz Jackrabbit is coming toward you at light speed, and this little bunny carries a big gun! The evil turtle-emperor Devan Shell has rabbitnapped the bunny-babe princess Eva Earlong. Now he's swiping all the goodies in the galaxy to support his plot of galactic rabbit destruction. Lead the speedy Jazz on a wild treasure hunt, spanning enormous areas and facing perilous dangers. "


The archive and web face of the newsgroup alt.devilbunnies, we all saw it here first starting in 1992(?)


Enchanted Scepters

Though the site is not bunny-related,  brings up another good old reference. In an early adventure game called "Enchanted Scepters" one of the first things that your character encountered was the "Vorpal Bunny" which would bite your head off if you didn't give it, I believe, a carrot. There's a wonderful graphic of it, but the game is too old for my poor computer. Do you have it?


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