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Textual Evidence

References to the evil of rabbits abounds in the printed word.  Here we have archived the most prominent evidence from literature and printed media, listed in reverse order of their publication (newest first).  Click the titles to read more.

Anton Bierl Play

- review of a rendition of Aeschylus' Oreistes includes a "rabbit chorus".

The Observer Dispatch

From an article by Joe Kelly in The Observer Dispatch, ~1997:  "Des Onan of Washington Mills had sayings told to him by his Uncle Pete ("When the going gets tough, try fiber.") and by his mother at bedtime (Don't let the thunder bunnies get you.").

Rabbit Nabbed After Attack Spree

- from the Central Maine Morning Sentinal, 12 July, 1997

Jimmy Carter and the Swamp Rabbit

- This classic of the Cecil Adams column The Straight Dope explained in 1995 the true story of a rabbit that attacked then-president Jimmy Carter.

Calcivirus Lauded

- from the front page of The Charlotte Observer, 28 November, 1995


Bunnicula and its sequels Howliday Inn, The Celery Stalks at Midnight, and Nighty-Nightmare, all by James Howe, are classics in children's literature and in the annals of Bunny Lore.  The title character is a bunny who sucks the vital juices from vegetables (clearly a vegan bunny rather than the more common humanivorous kind).

Watership Down

This literary classic by Richard Adams tells an epic tale from a rabbit's point of view.  Most of the characters are rabbits, but there is an evil warren with a leadership clearly trained by bunnies.  Also, the Doom Bunny himself figures prominently in the character of El Ahrairah, the Black Rabbit god of death. Published in 1976.

Newsweek Magazine

From Newsweek Magazine, date unknown:  "We're located on the eastern edge of a migratory path for ducks, geese, and pigeons. . . The day a rabbit can jump 400 feet in the air, we'll get more serious about them." Charles de Gaulle airport environmental supervisor Joel Genty, on the 50,000 rabbits that infest the grassy areas between the runways.

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