Harvey the Herder

Harvey was a most exceptional Rabbit. He comes to this page only through the included pictures from a long-lost magazine article, courtesy of the RISD Clip Art Library. Each picture's caption is below it with a comment.

This is the best photo of Harvey himself. The story (and a true one at that) was that Harvey was a barroom rabbit who led a modest life of rabbit food and gin-soaked carrots. Peter McCabe, a local, took pity on him one day, and bought him from the owner of the bar and led him home. He let Harvey out into the yard with his sheep who usually grazed on the lawn and kept the grass short. Harvey was curious, and hopped over to the sheep to meet them when he was immediately charged by an old ewe. Harvey, rather than running or simply taking the enmity, returned in kind.

(As a sidenote, I think that this has got to be one of the greatest rabbit photos in the world, and I apologize for the poor quality of this scan-of-a-photocopy)

Thus began a feud that lasted to the end of their lives.

Harvey's tenacity apparently earned him the respect of the rest of the herd of sheep, for he became quite adept at keeping the wandering sheep in the yard.

Caption reads: "Harvey leads his flock of sheep back into the McCabe's front lawn, where they are suppos