Visual evidence for the dark nature of bunnies abounds, and is perhaps the most extensive form of proof. On this page are thumbnails of many of these images, with short explanations of them.

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Images are presented in the order in which they entered this collection.

Evidently it's a real Bad 'Hare' Day here. From Reader's Digest.



Gary Larson presents the flip side of those Lucky Rabbit's Feet people wear. From The Prehistory of the Far Side.




The Good Fairy finally reported "Little Foo-Foo Bunny." 



This image is from a printer ad. Speed = bunny. The folks in alt.devilbunnies should recognize this as a photo of a "symp," I believe.





I have come across a number of people who have heard of a tradition called "tibbar-tibbar" or somesuch. One tradition holds that if the first thing that should be said in a new month is "rabbit-rabbit-rabbit," good luck will follow. Another tradition holds that pranks are pulled each new month, like April Fool's Day, but incorporating the words "Tibbar-tibbar."


The New Yorker printed this for seemingly no reason at all in their drama section. I could find no review that it related to.









This is the cover to Issue #6 of Thunder-bunny, a comic produced by Warp Graphics, the most excellent creators of ElfQuest. Another symp, perhaps? ElfQuest and The Truth on Bunnies. Give them a hand.


The cartoon "Sam 'n Max" by Steve Purcell stars a disturbing li'l pink bunny. The image I have is so disturbing, in fact, that it's on another page.





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This is a poster a SubGenius friend of mine made and posted randomly (how else) all over our high school to ... uh ... help people identify them, I guess...



This was the cover of one issue of a Roleplaying gamer's magazine. I'd love to know what the "mass Rabbit attack" mentioned is.






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Mike Peters revisits an oft-retold epiphany on the part of a few rabbits.



A friend of mine was given an 'altered' stuffed rabbit by a friend who had heard about our studies. My friend took this picture.




An early experiment in bipedalism. Honestly, this picture sends shivers down my spine. From the RISD Clip Art Library.



A bipedal meeting. A salute? From the RISD
Clip Art Library.