Choose Your Own Lepine Demise

Choose Your Own Lepine Demise

This e-mail came from a loyal reader during the spring of 2001.

Dear Sir,

I found your page quite by accident while searching for something totally unrelated. What your page contained sent a chill into the deepest recesses of my soul, dredging up a horrible memory thought forever locked away....

As a child, I was once given a harmless seeming gift. A little book, published by Ladybird Books LTD, entitled, "Steeleye and the Lost Magic". It was a fantasy story wherein you read short numbered passages describing an event which lead to a decision, the choices of which lead to further numbered passages, and so on. Thusly, one could adventure their way through the book, choosing the path oftheir story. Harmless really, except for passage #25, which forever changed mylife...

It reads as follows:

"[25]   The path you have chosen goes through a tunnel formed by the tall rose bushes. Overhead, clusters of orange-coloured grapes are hanging from their vines, and you look at them thirstily. But as you move to pick some, a giant white rabbit, brandishing a double headed axe, springs into your path. You open your mouth to speak to him.

"Deeds, not words!" he snarls, and lunges at you with the axe. You dodge the blow and wrench Gorin from its scabbard. The rabbit strikes again, but you catch him off balance and knock him over with the flat of you sword. Before he can recover, Gorin's blade strikes his neck. There is a flash, and in a shower of sparks the rabbit disappears.

The shock of the vicious attack leaves you trembling. TURN to 5."

Accompanying this foul, demonic text was a picture depicting the monster I had just confronted, an image which has lain graven upon my soul, haunting me to this very day, many years hence. I have included this image so that you may add it to your site, so that it may warn others of the inherent evil that so insidiously creeps among us.

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