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Cinematic Evidence

Agents in Hollywood are well aware of the Truth About Bunnies, as shown in these movies, films, and shows.  Links are to the IMDB, and the list is in reverse order of production (newest first).

The Matrix

Throughout the original Matrix film, protagonist Neo is encouraged to "follow the white rabbit" and to "see how deep the rabbit hole goes."  Though hidden as a reference to Alice in Wonderland, the idea of a rabbit leading Neo to the truth about the world earns it reference here.  Also, Night of the Lepus (below) plays in the background of the Oracle scene.


Watership Down

This fact that this classic is animated leads many parents to show their children this remarkably frightening, beautiful film.  Also, the DoomBunny himself figures prominently in the character of El Ahrairah, the Black Rabbit god of death.  His song, "Bright Eyes", was sung by Art Garfunkel and will send shivers down your spine.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Most people's first encounter with the Truth About Bunnies, this film features the DoomBunny himself in short scene.


Night of the Lepus

This is the classic.  Experiments aimed at creating genetically less fertile rabbits leads to the escape of a herd of giant bunnies which destroy a town in the Southwestern US. Featuring Deforest Kelley.


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