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Where it Started

Reader's Digest claimed this rabbit was "yawning", but we know better.


Bunnies are more evil than anyone thinks. Cuteness is a ruse. This site will show you the proof-- sightings and clippings from current media, evidence lurking behind our culture, of the danger of the fuzzy.

The Doom Bunny, Black Rabbit of Death, first cast Its shadow across my life in the winter of 1993, during my sophomore year in high School in central New York. My friend Hawk and I were browsing a catalog of miniatures in search of role-playing characters when, in the midst of a fairly normal-seeming list of standard figurine fare (elf-with-bow, knight-on-horse, etc.) we saw the name "Doom Bunny, Black Rabbit of Death." "That's mine!" I declared, little knowing what I was bringing upon myself (recall stories of rites requiring a willing sacrifice).

Soon "El Conejo Negro de Disastre" began appearing in the dialogues we were assigned for Spanish class, the only class we shared. Little later, it became the focus of those dialogues. Our teacher was. . . bemused. We hope she has forgiven us.

It was around this time that I came across a picture in the latest issue of _National Geographic Magazine_ which brought on Buddhist-like enlightenment. It was a humble picture, an inch and a half by two inches, of a rabbit, leaning back and looking for all the world like it was going to rip someone's throat out. It was, according to the photographer, just yawning, but if you believe that you probably think that bunnies really are just cute and cuddly, and I pity your short future. I cut the picture out and brought it in to Hawk,who quickly pointed out the similarity to scenes in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," now considered one of the seminal works on the Doom Bunny and Devilbunnies in general.

Once we noticed those two sightings, more began to pop up almost daily. "Vogue" Magazine, "Night of the Lepus," local newspapers, "Newsweek", Mike Peter's "Mother Goose and Grimm". . . all have tapped what seems a subconscious cultural belief in evil, psycohotic rabbits. And what so many people believe and will not admit must in some measure be true. . . This page is a shrine to this subconcious cultural belief and its many overt expressions. Below you may find an archive of photography and artwork, drama and movies, textual support, and, yes, even other websites, all revealing the heretofore hidden existence of the Doom Bunny and his minions, the Devilbunnies.

Note: This site skirts the setting of alt.devilbunnies. There is, as yet, no acknowledgement of the Doom Bunny itself in their stories.

Graphic Evidence

Graphic Evidence

Visual evidence for the dark nature of bunnies abounds, and is perhaps the most extensive form of proof. On this page are thumbnails of many of these images, with short explanations of them.  Click on a picture below to view the full image and its story.

Images are presented in reverse of the order in which they entered this collection (newest first).

Textual Evidence

References to the evil of rabbits abounds in the printed word.  Here we have archived the most prominent evidence from literature and printed media, listed in reverse order of their publication (newest first).  Click the titles to read more.

Cinematic Evidence

Agents in Hollywood are well aware of the Truth About Bunnies, as shown in these movies, films, and shows.  Links are to the IMDB, and the list is in reverse order of production (newest first).

Evidence from the Web

Fellow Netizens have logged and submitted evidence of their own, and the highlights are here.  The 2007 revival of this site included the deletion of a lot of dead links.  This is what survived... send us more!

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