Upcoming Experiments

I haven't tried yet, but they're at the top of the list:

  • Raspberry soft ganache
  • Raspberry jam (or jelly... I really haven't done any jellies yet)
  • other liquors... Drambuie, Southern Comfort, rum, poire william, cognac, whiskey, etc.
  • Most of what is on the chocolatier-electro truffle page
  • something involving the candied violets that I have from Blue Apron
  • rum raisin: with raisins soaked in alcohol (champagne, brandy), chopped finely, and put in the ganache
  • green tea - mothra
  • wasabi - godzilla
  • Smaug chocolates with nutmeg and pepper
  • Falkor chocolates with oolong tea, or perhaps jasmine
  • Cthulhu chocolates with caramel and sel gris
  • eau de vie de (Douglas Fir) jelly, dipped - jersey devil (from the pine barrens)
  • Puck?
  • Lamia

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