Missing a Monster

These truffles worked pretty well the first time, and I can do them again.  They're in my "repertoire".  I'm starting to  give them monster names, where I can.  If you have suggestions, let me know!

  • mint buttercreme filled
  • caramelized double chocolate with cocoa nibs - Grendel?
  • lychee ganache (lychee liquor in chocolate) - kirin
  • coffee/mocha/espresso ganaches, soft or firm - djinn
  • Dark chocolate Lady Grey/Blue Flower Earl Grey - ?
  • covered marzipan - Befana

I've done these before, but need to fix the recipes a bit:

  • chocolate mousse filled
  • green tea ganache (have to lighten the chocolate)
  • Pie-spice (apple pie spices and condensed milk, was too milky)
  • White chocolate Lady Grey (too soft for rolled truffles; will need to be a molded chocolate with a stronger tea flavor or milder medium)

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