I am not yet certified as a food handler or a business in New York, so I cannot take public orders or ship at this time.

That said, I'm working up to that and trying to finance the effort.  I'm willing to talk about orders on the following basis.


$0.75 per chocolate covers cost and gives me a bit toward certification fees.  I'll need to raise the price once I'm renting a certified kitchen and am up to professional standards and practices, but for now, this price is between 75% - 30% of the price of truffles you can find out on shelves or in reasonable businesses.  $1.00 - $2.50 per truffle is the general range.  I'm using ingredients and techniques on par with businesses in the $1.75 range, so that's a pretty good deal I think.

Other confections we'll have to discuss, as the ingredients vary and I haven't priced them out yet.

A package of 25 truffles in a modest box with a humorously hand-drawn guide to the chocolates you've chosen will run $20.00 .  You can mix and match from batches that I've made at the time, but I'm more than happy to angle what I'm making to what you'd like.

I'm happy to mix other confections into a box of chocolates and price accordingly.


I can make anything on the Repertoire page, and I'd love an excuse to try the varieties on the Upcoming Experiments page.  In fact, I'll discount what's there as thanks for helping my work.

It's difficult to make dipped truffles in batches of less than 30, and filled chocolates in batches less than 15 (the size of the mold), so it's super if you can order around those parameters or work with others to help fill batches.  For instance, if 4-5 people all want some similar flavors, I can make batches that are almost completely used.  Or if you'd really like 15 mint buttercremes, I can do that pretty easily too.

Personal Delivery

If I can hand your chocolates to you, that's best.  I can make some modest but sharp packaging, and can make a somewhat humorously hand-drawn guide to the chocolates inside.


Shipping is difficult at this point.  Most chocolatiers use specialized or custom packaging, which is beyond my present means.  I can purchase travel-worthy metal boxes and package the chocolates within, but it will add >$4.00 to the order to account for shipping and packaging.  In summer, I wouldn't even give that very good odds of making it through the trip.  Do ask, though!

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