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Playing Cat and Mouse with The Universe

I have no face
No figure
You know I am uglier than you
Or at least you hope so

You fear me
You can't even bear to think
About the things I do for a meal
You feel safe from my reach most of the time
Yet sometimes
when you are alone in the dark
You hear the sound of my breath
Somewhere near

You want to get up and turn on the lights
But you can't, you're paralized
Your hear my mother, and your mother talking
In a language you can't understand
And they both sound evil

You look deep inside for your Beowulf side
But you don't have one
You want to rule your life
But you can't
You feel like your playing cat and dog with the universe

All of a sudden you hear a voice
You can't tell where it's coming from
You feel hot one minute
And freezing the next
Like the words are blows of fire
It's the dragon
Talking to the both of us
Telling you how dull, insipid
The world has always been

You think of your loved ones
Where are they now?
Do they love you too?
Will they be worried if you're not there in the morning
or will they be ashamed to find you asleep and wet?

The voices grow louder
You think we're getting closer
Why doesn't your mother help you?
Maybe it isn't really her...
You cover your ears with your hands
But the sound gets louder yet

You feel your stomach aching
Hungry and noxious at the same time
You find yourself craving meat and blood
Though you claim to be a vegetarian
The feeling gets stronger
You feel as if you could slaughter
The next person who comes in the room

Now you really can't move
You're horrifed at yourself
With a scream you snap out of it
You get up quickly
Turn on the lights
And look in the mirror
But instead of your face
You see nothing
You rub your eyes and you see a disfigured face
Fluid, changing
You focus in the eyes
And only then you see me
Speaking from within you
You try to see my face
But the mirror shatters
You look at your hands
And they too are changing
You are afraid that now that you found me I will take control
You are right
You watch your hands turn into claws
Your legs and feet turn into paws
And your skin turn into scales
You cringe and touch your face
It doesn't feel the same
You completely lost control
You watch passively
As your horrid new shape claws
Turn and head for your guts
And put an end to the game.

I know this is really weird, but I hope you enjoy

See you friday

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