The Church of Least Resistance
"What is it?"
"It's it."
                                    -Zen Koan
 The answer is simple and obvious:  nothing.  You are passively consuming someone else's creation, reading words you did not write for no other reason that entertainment.  You are sitting at a chair grasping a mouse with one hand, the other perhaps resting on the keyboard or in your lap.  Slack-jawed, a rivulet of drool running out the corner of your mouth, you kill time.
What COULD you be doing?
You could be getting some work done, frankly.  With all you have to do, I can't even IMAGINE what you're doing at this site!  You're going to be up until 3 a.m. anyway, why are you extending it?  Don't do this to yourself!  There is work to be done, and you are the one to do it!  GO!  GO!!!
What 's wrong with that?
Again, the answer is:  exactly nothing.  Hopefully the heathens actually affected by the previous section have all scuttled away to serve their corporate masters now.  But you my friend, ah, you are one of the elect.  You know the way.  Don't you?  Well, perhaps you don't KNOW you know.  Let me explain.
The Way
"More leisure time."  "Higher standard of living."  Bollocks.  Of course we've been told that progress brings happiness (and more money, but not necessarily to you).  It makes sense, doesn't it?  "Oh, you're better than your parents."  We'd all like to believe that.  But somehow or other all this progress didn't bring us a whole lot of contentment.  We have more leisure time, sure, but somehow or other we've been convinced that the best use of that leisure time is WORK.
How did THAT happen?
To be truthful, I do not know.  This is a puzzle to be worked out by Church theologists when they have the time.  But I DO know this:  they've got us right where they want us.  What do we want?  Their STUFF.  How to we get it?  By helping them to make lots of their STUFF.  What do we do once we get it?  GET MORE STUFF.  No matter your occupation, your main business is CONSUMPTION.  You are trained for this job from birth.  It's a fucking JUNK HABIT, THE socially acceptable addiction.
So how do I go COLD TURKEY?
It's very simple:  STOP MAKING AN EFFORT.  Don't let them run you around, carrot in front of your nose, red-hot poker up your ass.  Grab the fucking carrot, hump that poker, and STOP RIGHT NOW.  Sit back, listen to some music--really LISTEN--read a book, masturbate.  Do something for YOURSELF, something productive.  Don't fool yourself--when you're working, the only person you're working for is SOMEONE ELSE.  Talk to a loved one.  Take a walk outside and breathe REAL air.  LIVE, for "God" 's sake!!!  Stop being a machine!!!  STOP MAKING AN EFFORT!!!
What is this, a joke?
If you think it is a joke, then you are already lost.  But if you are laughing, then you have that MISTIKKAL MORBID SENSE OF HUMOR, the prized ability to laugh as they drive the nails into your flesh.  Use it as a sword.
So what's the point?
There's a whole hidden world out there.  Once you stop trying, you switch from conscious to subconscious, muscles to senses.  Your eyes are wide open; you can see not only the LIES of culture but the TRUTH:  not just the IRONY in putting a Macy's ad next to an article about a terrorist attack but the MEANING, the HIDDEN CODE that is inherent in everything submitted for popular consumption but that most people WILLFULLY IGNORE.
What is the truth?
The answer is simple:  fuck you.  If I told you that, what use would the church be?
The reality is that truth is SUBJECTIVE.  It is not only DEBATABLE but PERSONAL.  Your truth is not MINE or JESUS' or BUDDAH'S or CHARLES BUKOWSKI'S.  It is YOURS, and you have to find it on your own.  But the WAY to truth is undoubtable doing without doing, effort through non-effort.  Once you learn to look, you can truly see.  But you will never see while running around.  You have to stop, take control of your own existence.
Let yourself flow like a river.  Let yourself be taken where life wants to take you, not money.  Stop walking upstream; find peace by going with the current.  That is the way.  That is the truth.  That is the life.