Hello. You have found Michael Barthel's old homepage. It is no longer operational because it is now faintly embarassing.

More current info goes something like this: I am attending the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, where I am pursuing a master's degree in media studies. My main research interest is public opinion. My thesis is on video games and political trust. I work as a research assistant for Prof. Chock, mostly on a project using psychophysiological measures to test attention to messages of varying complexity. I am also a freelance writer, primarily about music. I write every Monday for Idolator.

I used to have a blog called clap clap blog. The final post on said blog is a "greatest hits compilation" with all of the notable posts, and would be a good place to start. The biggest thing there was an exhaustive analysis of the Fiery Furnaces' album Blueberry Boat. My current site is called clapclap.org. The sidebar there lists some notable posts. The one that's received the most attention was on Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah." I've been interviewed about it on CBC and BBC radio. I have also written for the Village Voice, Flagpole, and Stylus, among other places. I have upcoming articles in Clear magazine and The Believer.

I am also a musician who's been in a number of bands that no longer exist, most notably Galvanized and The Song Corporation. As a producer, I've recorded a number of solo tracks (including an album for National Solo Album Month that was covered on NPR) and I've done remixes of MIA, Parts & Labor, and Au Revoir Simone, among others. I am also a composer currently trying to get a guitar quartet performed. You can find a sample of my current work, a cover of "Hallelujah," in the above-linked post.

You can find my contact info at clapclap.org.

I post many things a day on my Tumblr.

Here is a picture of me from this summer, when I was working as an accountant at a dairy.