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Eyes in the Dark Vol 6 Edition 5

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Middle-Aged Wife
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by Aloysius
I. A tattered pastel ribbon
weaving into even dawn
out across the East River --
translucent bedcloth covers stars,
and cheap electric replicas
that stud the urban sprawl. 

II. Streetlamps fizzle, blink off
like regimental fireflies
abandoning another attempt
to mimic day all night --
Successful? Perhaps,
if you like flourescences.

III. Pentecostal firetongues
shine off metallic roofs,
shoot pink through pallid
exhaust fog, and language
into streets each morning.
Predictable. Rebirthing.

IV. These corners disconcert me,
skyline sharp geometry
cuts through the stories
in the clouds, carries
this island too proudly --
I'd rather walk amongst trees.

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