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Recess (for KAS)

by Aloysius

My best friend Kerryanne, laceveiled, draped in tulle and roses
and hedonistic caricature, sweeps through her blacktop entrance
Ryan and Alecia sittin¹ in a tree-ee

enunciates her magic lines, the short-syllabled speech of Dream Two,
and flings promdress stardust in the paths of marauding ghosts --
kay - eye - ess - ess - eye - enn - gee

snaps a turn and screams as some roguestreak human dares 
to tear through the opening act of her rehearsal-reverie, a boy no less,
first comes love

catching my hand, tagging me back to playground-world --
distracted off her stage, Kerry flies too, chasing into ragged orbit 
then comes marriage

Near the snaking arborvitae. She knows too well that electricity 
flows through clasped hands and every twig of our home base retreat
then comes the baby in the baby carriage...

where he knew an alcove. Out of breath, he would lead
me there for innocent kisses amidst the prickles of waxy leaves. 

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