Where we're coming from...

Eyes in the Dark is a literary publication created, written, and published by high school and college students.

EITD began when Hawk Roller, a sophomore at Clinton Central High School became frustrated with the ...intermittent... high school newspaper which provided no outlet for student's creativity. She gathered several friends and published the first edition of Eyes in the Dark in 1993.

Each of the contributors published under pseudonyms, a tradition which continues today. Using the pseudonyms benefited all-- it encouraged writers to submit work free of peer ridicule, and allowed readers in a small school to come to the work free of prejudices and impressions of the author gained over many years.

Eyes in the Dark is still published through pseudonyms, though a list of contributors who wish to be known is available here. While the nature of the web negates most chances of peer ridicule and visitors are unlikely to know a given contributor, new advantages arise in the new medium: timid writers still have the safety net of anonymity if they wish, and not knowing the author's true name forces the reader to view the work as a work, free of even the smallest tone given by a name. The author can use a name that contributes to the work. For those who wish to be connected, our Contributor's Page contains a list of all pseudonyms beside the author's true name and a method of contact, if they wish.

After three years (folios), Hawk graduated and passed the Editorship (and pseudonym) on to Scott Price, who produced three editions in his senior year. Scott made a push for a new, less angst-ridden voice for EITD, but was limited by the pool of submissions and the run of only three editions.

Upon his graduation, Scott passed the Editorship onto Evan Knop and Michael Barthel, two longtime contributors and friends with a number of ideas of how to reshape the publication. Their three editions saw the achievement of EITD's new voice. Since their graduation with the majority of the Writers, EITD is no longer published in hardcopy at Clinton High School.

Plans to put EITD on the web were brewing since Scott's Editorship, and with three of the four ex-Editors now on the web, they are excited to continue EITD's publication in the new medium.

The first web Edition went online February 15, 1998. And there was much rejoicing. Well, very little. With the fifth Edition, work is now included by new writers familiar only through the web, bringing EITD out of its shell.

Featured in this site is the latest Edition, posted October 29, 1999. Publication will be dependent on the submission pool, but so far we've managed about every four months. Also in this site are the full archives of EITD, officially assembled for the first time. So far, there have been 14 regular editions of Eyes in the Dark published, as well as a huge compendium containing all the works of the first three years that was given to current writers by the first Editor before she left.

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