Hot Borders v1.1 by Evan Knop, x86 compiled by Andrew K. Martin


Hot Borders allows you to switch workspaces with your mouse. When using Hot Borders, imagine that your workspaces make up a grid of workspaces; to switch from one workspace to an adjacent one, simply move your mouse to the border of the screen in the direction you want to move.


Hot Borders has three settings, which can be controlled from either the command line or a graphical user interface. The GUI is pictured below; for command line usage, type 'Hot Borders' help


These buttons control the size and shape of the grid in which Hot Borders operates. Pressing a button selects a rectangular grid starting in the upper left corner, and extending down and to the right, including the workspace indicated by the button. In the example above, a 3x3 workspace (the default) is selected.


This sliders sets the amount of time the cursor must remain in the border region before Hot Borders switches workspaces.


This slider controls the width of the border (in pixels) from the edges of the screen. If the cursor in within this region for the time specified by delay, Hot Borders will attempt to switch to the workspace

To minimize clutter, the Hot Borders window is automatically minimized at startup; similarly, the close button works to minimize the window. To quit Hot Borders, press ALT-Q (Quit).

Startup options

Note that you can use the command-line arguments to set up and run Hot Borders when your machine starts up; simply add the line: 'Hot Borders' & to your UserBootscript, assuming you have put Hot Borders in your $PATH. (/boot/apps/ should be one location in your $PATH. To list the contents of your $PATH, type echo $PATH in the Terminal.)

Version History



Future Plans

I decided to produce Hot Borders as practice for programming on the BeOS; as such, it is freeware -- you are free to distribute the application and/or source code, but you are not free to take credit for it.

Feel free to email me at if you have any suggestions.

Some possible improvements:

Remember, if you like Hot Borders, and want to see any of these features added, send me email at
Created 28-29/07/1998 by Evan Knop for 2am software.