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grendel.org is:

Let Us Know What You Think

Send us love... bunnies... or constructive criticism on this site, what it might be, what we might be doing better/worse/with mo' flava.

We had a form, but our new home makes us pay more for cgis, so for now it's an e-mail link to our webmaster

How We Did This

From Hunter:

I make most of the pages I've done were made with Claris Home Page 3.0 because it's fast, relatively easy-to-use, and suffices for quick, simple pages. I edit existing pages and sites with BBEdit by Bare Bones Software; its search/replace tools speak for themselves. It makes raw code pretty. Images-- Adobe Photoshop, of course. All on MACINTOSH! Well, except for a few of my homepages which I made in XEMACS...